ancient food and olive oil in Salona; trout cooked miller style in a medieval watermill; Trogir culinary workshop; country lamb; Zinfandel risotto and cuttlefish in a sea bay with wine tasting

sailing through Dalmatian waters and visting the islands of Šolta, Hvar, Vis and Brač; tour of well known wineris and restaurants with local wines and food; tasting of olive oil and honey on the island of Šolta

wine tasting and presentations in the most famous wineries of Central and Southern Dalmatia; sightseeing in Hvar and Korčula, Split and Dubrovnik; enjoying the delicacies of traditional Dalmatian cuisine

learning about the Croatian enological tradition, wine and wine production; learning about the scientific study of the origins of Plavac Mali and establishing its relation to Zinfandel and Primitivo; visit to the vineyards and wine tasting

enjoying the variety of flavours of authentic wine varieties of the Zimfandel family; wine-tasting of 24 varieties of premium quality wines; tour of the famous wineries and cellars; learning about the process of wine making

preparing meals, starting from buying and picking ingredients up to finished dishes, with professional chefs and nutritionists; visiting Split fish market; fishing, culinary competition and preparing a gala dinner

introduction to the history of Split; culinary tour of the city with stops at wine bars; Dalmatian wine and cheese; short workshop about wines; pairing wine and food at dinner; trip to the city market

two days in the mountains in the vicinity of Split; visit Biokovo Nature Park; expert guidance of guide-hikers; visit ethno village of Kokorići and winery in Vrgorac, preparing snail with scallions and mišanci

vineyards of the Tomić winery, wine tasting in the “Trikliniju”; Kinglet winery, variety and cultivation method; winery in Svirče; Duboković tavern in Pitva, wines and liquors and Dalmatian dishes; Plančić winery in Vrbanj, tasting

enjoying the diversity of taste of authentic wine varieties; tour of the famous wineries and cellars; learning about the process of wine-making, tour of the towns on the UNESCO list: Split and Trogir, tour of the island of Hvar

exploring the history of olive oil making in Croatia; introduction to the tradition of olive harvesting; pressing of olives into oil; oil tasting and workshops on olive oil; trip to the city market and introduction to local products

culinary workshop on soparnik preparation in original conditions by the fireplace with crackling fire and the smell of smoke; mentoring housewives will reveal to each guest their secrets of preparation, which will stay in the in memory of the guests

visit to the vineyards and the winery at Kaštele; introduction to Crljenac, wine tasting; visit to a winery on Hvar and tasting of the indigenous varieties Bogdanuša and Parč, and the wine Plavac Mali; wine tasting of the Kujundžuša variety

exploring the centuries-old tradition of olive growing on the island; walking through the olive groves of the island of Hvar and tasting culinary delicacies in the olive grove; workshops on techniques and way of olive processing, as well as on olive growing and oil tasting

introduction to the cuisine of Split and its islands; tasting traditional food and getting to know the basic features of coastal cuisine; going to Brač, Hvar, Vis and tasting local cuisine and wines; Workshop - matching Wine and Food

walk through the pirate history of the city ending with a pirate feast - traditionally prepared dishes from the Omiš region, which centuries ago the famous pirates of Omiš enjoyed

culinary workshop on the preparation of bread in original conditions by the fireplace with a crackling fire and the smell of smoke; mentoring housewives will tell each guest their secrets, which carve deep into the past

sailing through the central-Dalmatian archipelago; visits to the islands of long-standing winemaking tradition such as Vis and Hvar; meeting winemakers and enjoying tasting sessions of wines and local delicacies in original ambiances

traditional flavours of the Dalmatian Zagora; tour of the picturesque fish market of Split; three culinary workshops, tour of the wineries and wine-tasting of traditional types of wines with professional oenological presentation

wine tasting of excellent wines and getting to know authentic gastronomy; cooking course of traditional Dalmatian dishes; getting to know cultural and historical sites such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Omiš and the island of Brač

introduction to the history of wine in Croatia, Split guided walk with a visit to wine & cheese bar, wine and dine; visit the vineyards and wineries Kaštele; visit a winery on the island of Hvar, wine tasting

Senjković winery in Dračevica and wine tasting, vineyard tour; strong wine in winery in Bol, representing all varieties, the history of the winery; going to the olive grove, olive harvest and preparation for the production of oil; tour of Bol

stay on Šolta; participation in honey-making workshop; introduction to the centuries-old love of the islanders for their olive trees; visit to a local mill and souvenirs workshop; participation in the local celebration of the feast of St. Martin

visit to a ham smokery, learn about the production of Dalmatian ham and cheese from Mišina; visit to wineries and producers of fruit brandies; visit the oil mill, the technology of production of olive oil; visit to ethno-village; gastro-workshop about traditional dishes

Salona, an introduction to Roman cousine; Gašpina mills where peasants from the hinterland would grind grains, while those from the island waited in boats strung along the river bank for their turn; Klis, learning about food and spices from the time of Diocletian

participation in a pirate battle on the River Cetina; experience a different side of Omiš pirates by having fun with pirates; pirate feast in a restaurant and pirate food from the past

guided tour around the city with an emphasis on cuisine and history from Roman times through the Middle Ages to the present day; visit Salona and Trogir; cookery workshop - combining knowledge,learning and practice

guided tour of Split with an emphasis on gastronomy; visit Gašpina mill; visit Klis and learn about the importance of sopranik and how it was originally prepared in the indigenous setting of typical Dalmatian village

historical sites related to the leader of the Round Table Knights; learn how to prepare soparnik in traditional Dalmatian way; typical Dalmatian dinner with an ever-present glass of local wine and unforgettable view on the river

learning about the enological and culinary traditions of the Dalmatian Highlands, accompanied by an expert guide with a particular passion for the culinary heritage of the region; sightseeing tour of typical Dalmatian konobe (local taverns); sightseeing tour of the Imotski Lakes and the springs of the Rivers Grab and Cetina

specialized trips on luxury yachts, top gastronomic and oenological offerings, accompanied by an experienced skipper and professional sommelier-hostess, including a visit to the oldest vineyards of Hvar

boat ride along the Hvar coastline from the north and the south side, getting to know the Neretva region in a traditional sailing boat and visit to the Narona museum; getting to know the healing properties of local herbs and Nordic walking; hiking above Gradac

city tour of Split, going to the market; flavours of the food and drink of our ancestors; preparation of bread under the bell; half-day culinary workshop with six courses and a personal chef; preparation of traditional Dalmatian dishes

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