Cultural tourism

Antiquity in Split, Solin and Trogir

You will have read and learnt about famous stories of Greek and Roman history and mythology. Can you imagine standing on the ground or walking the streets where the heroes of these stories once walked? You do not need to travel to Italy or Greece to experience part of their culture and way of life. The ancient nations recognized the Croatian coast as an ideal place for settlement. Plenty of monuments testify to this fact. The town centre of Split is an ancient building. It was built as the palace of the famous Roman emperor Diocletian. Inside the palace, you will learn about the beliefs, lifestyle and culture of that period of the Roman Empire. Ancient Salona and Tragurio are near Split, with the remains of ancient cultures. Walking down these streets, we also see how new cultures have created history in the architectural sense, and at the same time have transformed pagan and polytheistic centres into centres of monotheistic Christian culture.


Tourist packages for 2 to 4 days. The programme of activities for a 4-day package includes Day 1:Diocletian’s Palace (Peristil, Cathedral of St. Duje, Gold and Silver Gate, Temple of Jupiter, basements); Day 2: Archaeological Museum of the city of Split; Day 3: Salona; Day 4: Trogir (Kairos collection, City Museum, Kamerlengo Fortress, St. Lawrence Cathedral). Packages are available throughout the year for groups of 4 to 50 people. Accommodation is available in three and four star hotels, and transport is by fast vessels and, if necessary, van or bus. Professional guides are available in English, German and Italian, and on request in other languages. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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