Cultural tourism

sightseeing on Hvar and learning about the characteristic agava lace; tasting of Hvar specialities such as gregada or paradižet; buy a typical souvenir from the island - a medicine and a scent all in one - Hvar lavender

a visit to Vrlika and a presentation of Vrlika’s wheel-dancing; a visit to Sinj and the collections of the Franciscan monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sinj and the Museum of Cetinska krajina; a visit to the fashion atelier of men’s suits of the fashion designer Gena labeled as an authentically Croatian product

sites of importance in Croatian literary history: Knin (Dinko Šimunović), Vrlika (Milan Begović), Slime (Ivan Pupačić), Zadvarje (Hasan Aga story), Imotski (Vlado Gotovac), Vrgorac (Tin Ujević)

tour of Omiš with guide and visit to Mirabella Fortress; tour of Starigrad Fortress (Fortica) in Omiš, visiting the statue of Mila Gojsalić, Museum of Poljica, Galeb Factory d.d.; boat ride on the Cetina River, visit to Radman’s Mills

ightseeing tour of the Lady of Prizidnica’s shrine on Čiovo island, sanctuary of the Holy Cross and St. Ante sanctuary on Drid near Trogir; visit to the Cathedral of St.Lawrence with its Romanesque portal; sightseeing tour of the house of the marine family Moretti

tour of Diocletian’s palace with a guide; if requested, we can climb the tower of St. Duje; Split Archaeological Museum; visit to Salona where we will learn more about its importance and role in ancient times; visit to Trogir

visit to Klis Fortress and learning about its history; presentation of defence of Klis from the Turks with costumed characters of Klis Uskoks (Croatian Habsburg soldiers); practicing shooting with a bow and arrow, learning about weapons and the crafts of the Middle Ages

visit to the remains of the ancient Issa: spas, theatres, city walls; Gospina Bataria - a collection of historical artefacts; the Roman baths and Martvilo; natural beauty: the Blue and Green Caves and Stiniva Bay

tour of Radman’s Mills and a cruise (Omiš), the ethnic village Kokorići (Vigorac); Vrata Biokova; the rural household Panj (Sinj); Stella Adriatica (Klis); Split and Diocletian’s Palace

learning about the nautical routes to the volcanic islands; sightseeing tours of volcanic islands such as Jabuka (Apple) and Palagruža; educational and geological lectures with video projections on the volcanic islands and associated legends and myths

isiting Mosor Starry Village (Zvjezdano selo), watching the Sun (sunspots and eclipses); watching the night sky (the constellations, galaxies, nebulae), a lecture on astronomy; sightseeing tour of historical sites in Split, Hvar and Makarska

visiting the diverse landscapes of the island of Brač with its rich flora and fauna and dramatic karst phenomena, visiting rural areas and enjoying nature, distinctive dining experience in rural households

sightseeing of the most important historical sites; tour of the former military tunnels; labyrinth of underground tunnels; RAF’s airport from the 1944, Tito’s cave, peak of Hum, visit the forts and fortresses and Archaeological Museum

visiting the abandoned villages: St. Bjož, Dragodid, Rudina; Barjoška Bay; Manjarema fort; Tito’s cave; Žena Glava village; Stiniva Bay; the island of Biševo; Mezzoporat Bay; Blue Cave, village of Poje, Porat Bay, the town of Vis, Stončica

searching the streets of Trogir for Kairos, God of the supreme moment; sightseeing tour of St. Lawrence Cathedral, the Kamerlengo tower and the convent of the Benedictine nuns; a visit to the mysterious island of Vis

sightseeing tour of the fortresses along Cetina and multimedia introduction to the historical route of fortresses in the Cetina basin; learning about the ethnographic heritage of this region, horseback riding along the River Cetina, rafting on the river and tasting the local dishes of the Highlands

tour of the island of Brač and visiting churches: the Church of the Holy Spirit in Škrip, the Church of St. John and Theodore in the town of Bol, the Church of St. Tudor in Nerežišća, the Church of St. Vitus on the mountain Vidova Gora and on Velo brdo...

exploring the creation of the garden, monuments and the importance of the Biblical Garden; Church of Our Lady Stomorska; visit to the island of Čiovo; Church and Monastery of St. Cross; shrine of Our Lady of Prizidnice in Slatine

Game of Thrones is a world of its own, a fantasy realm with a rich, detailed history and iconography that captivates you and makes you feel you are there, in a different realm. No wonder Croatia was chosen as a crucial filming location for the fourth season of the show, for it is a nation whose history reaches far into ancient times, and its architecture and monuments speak of eras long gone. We at Vetus Itinera Travel Agency are thrilled to offer you a completely authentic Game of Thrones experience in Croatia, from our selection of multi-day tours.

sightseeing tour of the Biblical ancient shrine of Our Lady of Stomor; visiting Kaštela and Vitturi Castle and tasting Crljenak kaštelanski wine; sightseeing tour of the ichtyological-ornithological reserve at Pantana and enjoying local delicacies

tour of Split and meeting with a vocal group; visit to Solin; meeting the vocal group “Trogir” in Trogir; visit to Klis and Sinj and meeting with the longest-running klapa “Sinj”; trip to Brač, Bol tour

Salona, the former port of the Illyrian tribes of Dalmatia; Manastirine, the old Christian cemetery; the tomb of St. Duje; Split, Diocletian’s Palace, old town, the Archaeological Museum

the whole of Croatia or a part of it with emphasis on locations of special value for Croatian literacy, the birthplaces and houses of Croatian writers or notable people related to the written word

tour of the Stari Grad field, the Dominican monastery in Stari Grad and Tvrdalj of Hektorović family; Hvar: Fortification of Arsenal, the town and the Duke’s palace; Pakleni otoci (Palmižana)

Classic photo tour of Dalmatian regions: Split, Omiš, Solin, Trogir; boat trip to Šolta; Split - learning from a professional photographer, sightseeing and meeting with members of the Split vintage car club

Malacological Museum in Makarska, Split Aquarium, Biokovo Nature Park, the rivers of Cetina, Vrljika, Žrnovnica and Jadro, the Blue and Red Lake in Imotski, Prološko Blato near Proložac

Vrlika: Lelas Mills, Grab Mills and the source of the Grab River, Vrljika and Žrnovnica mills; cruise from the mouth of the Cetina River to Radman’s Mills; Solin: Gašpina Mill, Pantan Mill - fortified mill

tour of the fortifications: Knin Fortress, Tilurium on the hill of Gardun near Trilj, Klis Fortress, Gradina above Vrgorac; Topana Fortress in Imotski, Fort Prozor in Vrlika; Stari grad in Sinj; Čačvina near Trilj

places linked to Emperor Diocletian; visit the historical attractions of the city of Split and the town of Salona, the islands of Brač and Šolta; take part in a stonemasonry workshop, try traditional dishes and excellent local wines

Today, you will leave our everyday world and step into the realm of one of the greatest fantasy epics of all time, as you immerse yourself into the drama and intrigue that is A Game of Thrones. An enthralling experience that will inspire you at every turn and leave you in awe. Others will show you only few, but we will show you ALL filming locations.

participating in creative workshops in making stone dresses and souvenirs; sightseeing tour of the island of Brac with a focus on the stone tradition; excursions to the island of Hvar, Split or Dubrovnik

tower Tor, Galešnik, Lapidarij, Arsenal, Loggia, Hektorovićeva Palace, Fortress and Napoleon. St Stephen Cathedral in Hvar; Museum of the island, Blace Desert, Dragonjina Cave, a Dominican monastery; Archaeological Museum in Vis

visiting the most significant historical sites between the rivers of Cetina and Neretva; the highlights of the trip are attractive cruises along the Cetina Canyon and the Neretva River Delta

Gornja, Donja and Srednja Poljica; early Christian church in Gata; graves in Tugare; hexagonal baptistery; Church of St. John, St. Peter, Priko in Omiš, Church of St. George; Starigrad Fortress, Omiš; Brač, Blaca Desert, Split

visiting Diocletian’s Palace in Split; Stadion Poljud; ancient Salona; Fort Klis Living History, Cetina River pirates in Omiš; Franciscan Monastery in Zaostrog; Franciscan Monastery in Imotski; Museum of Sinj region

a welcome party along with a brief sightseeing tour of the town of Hvar, and a sightseeing tour of the small towns of Hvar; visiting the Pakleni (Infernal) islands, a Royal dinner and overnight stay in the valley of a glacial river; following the paths of the green gold

learning old dances; playing accompanying instruments; workshop on familiar Trogir dances where participants will learn the basic steps; programme of instrumental parts; learning about Trogir costumes

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