Secret Dalmatia

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More Mandić d.o.o.  
Secret Dalmatia
Turanj 426, Sv. Filip i Jakov
T: +385 23 388139
F: +385 23 388139

learning about the enological and culinary traditions of the Dalmatian Highlands, accompanied by an expert guide with a particular passion for the culinary heritage of the region; sightseeing tour of typical Dalmatian konobe (local taverns); sightseeing tour of the Imotski Lakes and the springs of the Rivers Grab and Cetina

sailing through Dalmatian waters and visting the islands of Šolta, Hvar, Vis and Brač; tour of well known wineris and restaurants with local wines and food; tasting of olive oil and honey on the island of Šolta

sailing through the central-Dalmatian archipelago; visits to the islands of long-standing winemaking tradition such as Vis and Hvar; meeting winemakers and enjoying tasting sessions of wines and local delicacies in original ambiances

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