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Night at The Top of Biokovo

Everyone loves to watch sunsets. There is something magical in the knowledge that the sun goes away and the mysterious darkness appears, and the awareness that there will be light again tomorrow. However, we offer a unique evening. From the heights of Biokovo, you can enjoy the spectacular sunset, when it “fits” into the sea, spilling at its surface a colour no painter would be able to mix. Immediately after sunset complete darkness occurs (no twilight), and the stars are just around to drop for a dear person. We will stay for a moment in this rich darkness, which is hard to find nowadays with so many light contaminated skies. We turn on our lamps, so we can return to the car. On the way back, we enjoy the view of the aviation lights of places at the foot of Biokovo, scattered along the coast, happier to be richer by one unique experience.


Tourist packages for one day. The package is available in the period from 30 March to 30 November (or all year) for groups of 6 to 16 people. Accommodation (classification) is available in hotels and apartments in Makarska Riviera and we organize transport. Professional guides are available in English, German and French languages (and on request in other languages). All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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