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f you love water sports, adrenaline, adventure and sailing, try the best water sport: kite surfing! With instructors experienced in kite surfing, try this highly addictive, hard to resist sport. A combination of sailing, flying and surfing is a perfect summer combination for those seeking adventure that could easily become a lifestyle. Locations of the course depend on the weather conditions, and can be: Pantana in Trogir, Žnjan in Split, or the River Neretva. In a two-hour course, users are introduced to the basics of the sport through theory and an overview of the equipment and its basic components. In addition to training with a trainer, as an essential prerequisite, you get to sense the very idea of the sport. According to further user preferences and desires, an entire course with duration of 10 to 15 hours can be organized later.


Tourist packages range from 3 to 5 days. The activity programme consists of a theoretical introduction to the basics of the sport, getting to know and assembling the equipment, training with a kite surfing instructor. Packages are available for the period from 1 May to 1 October for groups of one to three people. Locations of the course depend on the weather conditions, and can be Pantana in Trogir, Žnjan in, or the River Neretva. Accommodation is available in private houses or hotels, and transport is possible by van or car. Professional guides are available in English, and in other languages, on request. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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