Active Vacation

sightseeing tour of Trogir and the mills of Pantan and Cetinska krajina; small ceramics workshop, a trip with a sea kayak and a ride down the River Cetina with a canoe; enjoying local and Roman delicacies and Roman soccer

cycling tour of Hvar, Stari Grad, Vrbovska, Jelsa, Pitve, Grablje, Brusje; visits to Brač, Zlatni Rat, Vidova gora, Blace Desert, Milna, Bobovišči; tour of Vis, bays of Stončica, Travna, Komiža

tour of the hydro-morphological phenomena of the region of Imotski: Vrljika River (its source, flow and sinkhole), Red and Blue Lake, Prološko blato, Suvaja River

light walks in the fresh air and through pristine nature along arranged hiking trails on the slopes of Biokovo; extremely positive effects on the human health; a wonderful panoramic view from the highest peak of St. George

exploring the nautical routes of the central Adriatic; educational lectures with video projections on the beauty of the flora and fauna of the Adriatic; a photo safari and presentation of the most attractive diving locations of the central Adriatic

boat ride from Gradac to Šćedro; bike tour; visiting Hvar and cycling from Sv. Nedjelja to the town of Hvar; boat ride to the Vira cove; boat ride to the Stari Grad cape and bike ride to Jelsa; boat ride from Jelsa to Brač, visiting Zlatni rat

mountaineering above Gradac, visiting the Zjatva Cave and ethnic village Kokorići in Zagora; boat ride from cove to cove in Hvar or Pelješac; following the paths of ancient Pagania from Gradac to Zaostrog and tour of the Franciscan monastery

interesting place for climbing in Croatia - Omiš!; a distinctive blend of the sea, the River Cetina and the rocks is a real feast for the eyes; rock climbing has a lot of adrenaline, and the many routes of varying difficulty cater for everyone

photo-hunting,in pursuit of the rareEleonor’s Falcon andother birds found onsecluded islands of theCroatian Adriaticin the open sea; hiking through preserved nature and staying in diving bays; wine tasting and Mediterranean specialities

island of Vis; theory of sailing with lateen sail; managing the falkusa’s washboards falke; operating with ropes and tools; making traditional knots, Biševo Island and Blue cave visit; active sailing with lateen sail and rowing regatta

bike ride from Gradac to Baćina Lakes; pedalling across the entire Neretva Valley and visiting Vid and Narona; a ride on the mountain trails of Makarska Riviera from Gradac to Živogošće and the old wine roads of the island of Hvar

bicycle route across Čiovo and surrounding areas; visit to the convent of the Holy Cross, church of the Lady of Prizidnica and the convent of Saint Nicholas; riding a ferry to the small island of Drvenik Veli and having lunch in a village household

Cetina source – tour of the Cetina karst source; hydropower plant Peruča and dams; Trilj – rafting on Cetina; Omiš – cruise from the mouth of the Cetina River to the Radman’s Mills; Imotski – tour of the towm; tour of the Blue and Red Lake

the southern side of the island of Vis; kayaking to the Green Cave, paddling to Stiniva Bay, according to some the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic; the island of Biševo, Blue Cave and Medvidina Cave; Mezzoporat Bay

a short riding course and exploring the equestrian trail and route; riding through the valley of the River Cetina and learning about the ethnographic heritage of this region; tasting the local dishes of the Dalmatian Highlands near the River Cetina

departure for Mrduja; experiencing the moment of the pulling of Mrduja between the islanders of Šolta and Brač; participating in the folk festival in Stomorska, i.e. in Milna; free t-shirt inscribed with Pulling Mrduja

kayaking on the Makarska Riviera; mountain-bike rides; kayaking on the River Cetina; experience the river from a canoe or rafting; hiking and/or climbing with beautiful views of the sea or mountains

theory of sailing with lateen sail; managing the falkusa’s washboards falke; operating with ropes and tools; making traditional knots; active sailing with lateen sail and rowing regatta, natural phenomena sightseeing

driving with a short stop for a panoramic tour to the highest peak on the Mediterranean coast, Sveti Jure; with unforgettable views of the surrounding countryside, enjoying the spectacle of the arrival of the evening; the night view of the coast on our return

learning about the history of Vis; tour of Okjucina village, exploring Queen’s Cave; professional guidance and rock climbing and abseiling lessons; visiting Tito’s cave and the island of Hum peak

boat ride to Vela Luka and cycling on Korčula; boat ride to Vis and cycling in Vis; cycling in Biševo, tour of Blue Cave; boat ride to from Biševo to Komiža including a tour of Korčula

walk on the thematic circular trail of Saint Leopold Mandić on Mosor, relaxing on a tour of Omiš, enjoying a medical massage, hiking on the Poljička planina, and excursion to the Church of our Lady of Snow

introduction to the basics of the sport in theory; familiarization with the equipment and assembly equipment; training with a kite trainer

paddling around Trogir and the Pantan mills, visiting the Krknjaša lagoon, and numerous coves and beaches; sightseeing tour of the Martinis Marchi castle; visiting mills and enjoying the taverns and local delicacies

sailing on wooden sailboat, oldtimer; Makarska Riviera, the islands of Hvar, Brač, Vis, Šolta; tour of local places and walks in lightly to moderately difficult terrains, swimming in crystal clear bays

experience a completely new adventure you will never forget; with a dose of high-adrenaline fun enjoy the natural beauty and the flavours of the Omiš region, a combination of zip line and traditional gastronomy

a visit to Cetina, the Grab stream, the Vodena peć cave, and the Grapian mills, riding horses alongside the river Cetina, night ride in a canoe by torchlight; enjoying local and old Roman specialties as well

visiting the natural phenomena of the Blue and Green Caves, kayaking to one of the most beautiful Adriatic bays – Stiniva, climbing to the peak of the island of Hum, exploration of a beautiful karst cave, tasting local island products

combination of rafting, zip line and free climbing; with a dose of high-adrenaline fun and the natural beauty and flavours of the Omiš region combined with activities and traditional gastronomy

get to know the Makarska Riviera; visit the Cetina Canyon; visit the Biokovo hinterland and the region of Imotski with geological phenomena of deep karst lakes and sinkholes; visit the island of Brač with the highest island peak in the Adriatic

cycling and tour of the city of Split: 1700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace; cycle tour of the island of Brač; the island of Hvar – picturesque villages, Stari Grad Plain – protected by UNESCO; the town of Hvar, local food and wine

archaeological excavation under expert supervision (Hellenic / Roman layer); diving courses and tours of underwater sites; evening tours, local cuisine, ancient Salona, Trogir and the palace of Emperor Diocletian

zip-line tours over the Cetina River canyon; rafting on the Cetina River, free climbing above Omiš, canoeing, hiking to the Church of Our Lady of the Snow

rafting on the River Cetina for 3-4 hours; zip-line in the canyon of the River Cetina, unforgettable fun experiences, hanging rope, walking to the landing point; in Trogir, water sports of your choice

bike ride along the eastern side of the island of Hvar; cycling on the island of Brač, tour of the Neretva River Delta and tour of the Baćina Lakes: cycling on mountain trails down the Makarska Riviera

mountaineering on the southern Bioko mountain range; visit to the Zagora over the hill of Zaostrog; conquering the St. Jura; crossing from Prosik to Podačko polje; the trails of the Pagania warriors and tour of the monastery in Zaostrog

walking in the Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian Highlands) with unforgettable nature and the customs of the region; visiting Biokovo Nature Park and sightseeing tour of the River Neretva Delta; conquering the mountains of Matokit and Sv. Mihovil (St. Michael) and walking along the paths of Albert Fortis

ride to the village of Makar; hike to the top at Vošac, occasionally stopping to rest and enjoy the view; drive by minibus to the highest peak of Biokovo, Sveti Jure; enjoying the view of the sea and Bosnia

driving in minibuses with an intermediate stop for sightseeing at vantage points; ride to Sveti Jure,the highest peak on the Mediterranean littoral; view of the sunrise behind the mountains of Bosnia

unforgettable experience rafting on the Cetina River is a combination of rapids, calm parts with crystal green water and culinary pleasure in the country house ambience of Radmanove mlinice

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